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February 2021 - Congrats to Fawn, Maria, Patricia, and Doug for the  scholarships they received at this year's awards ceremony.

December 2020 - Elaina Geauvreau (MEM) presented her MEM report: a habitat conservation strategy for the Bais-des-Chaleurs.  Well done!

December 2020 - Fawn Maika (MSc) presented her MSc proposal on the diet of spruce budworm linked warblers.  Good job, Fawn! 

October 2020 - Delaney Brooks (MScsuccessfully defended her MSc Thesis on reproductive activity of olive-sided flycatchers in commercial forests of central New Brunswick. Congratulations Delaney! 

August 2020 - Douglas Munn (MSc) successfully defended his MSc Thesis on range expansion of blacklegged ticks in New Brunswick and ruffed grouse as reservoir hosts. Congratulations Doug! 

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